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Remember the times when sims got really upset catching their loved one cheating on them? Yeah, that kind of doesn’t happen in Sims 4. Or maybe Jordan’s girlfriend, Isla is already dead inside. All that autonomous flirting didn’t bother her (or the other girl) one bit. Only once she got sad when she saw Jordan kissing another dude (which I directed her to because I wanted to see an epic fight). Needless to say, I didn’t get any fighting. Isla just crawled under the covers to cry. Their relationship didn’t even take much of a hit. Is that boring or what?
Also, it’s pretty weird when one of your guests gets sad because he just found out that he gave his heart to a scumbag and then goes crying in your sims’ bed.

Tl;dr: This is my reaction to the way jealousy works in Sims 4

Still works great for open relationships and your personal harem, though…

Interesting! Did you see any jealousy reactions?
I don’t think so. The blond lady left the bar, though when my sim started flirting with another sim. She didn’t throw a tantrum or anything, so I’m not sure. She could’ve been just tired. I also haven’t seen her husband around but I only played for two or three sim days so far. Maybe drama will happen soon >:D

Things I learned about Sims 4 so far (while playing a romance sim):

  • It’s super easy to pick up random sims at bars and you don’t even have to become their best friend first.
  • Mortimer Goth is everywhere and he’s kind of awkward.
  • The lounge is a place for weird old people who insult you and then try to hit on you. Also, one of them had a guitar stuck to his hand.
  • It’s possible to be married and have a girlfriend/boyfriend at the same time.
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