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Hey guys! Just popping in to say I’m not dead. I just had a lot of trouble with my game recently and was pretty fed up with the endless saving loops and all that. So, I started fresh and I’m currently rebuilding my downloads folder. I hope to post a little bit more, though I’m starting at my new work next week and I’ll have to continue with my driving lessons, so you might not see a lot of me in September.

Just so you know…


Anonymous asked:

Hi. I really find your creations wonderful and inspiring. Are you using a name generator for your sims? Their names are really unique and creative. I hope you don't mind my curiosity. :) You're really beautiful by the way.

I don’t mind at all :)

I usually spend at least 5 minutes randomizing names in CAS and if that fails to give me something I like, I spend another 5 minutes at and randomize some more.
Sometimes I just wake up and I’m like ‘I should name a sim Jurassica Park lololol aren’t I clever? へ(゜∇、°)へ’.  I also borrow names and words from my native language or I make up new ones like Brezelbach. So, that’s basically me thinking I’m funny/clever.
Other times I just find names or words I like in the things I read.

Tl;dr: name generators, random German and taking names from everything I read.

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